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Music to bring joy to the ear and elevate the soul.

I have composed music since as early as I can remember. Piano lessons from age 6 taught me to play other people's music, but what I truly wanted to do was bang out my own tunes! I've always had an orchestra’s worth of instruments in my head, but kept thinking “be real, no one gets to have their own orchestra or write songs for a living.”

So instead I focused on gaming and getting good grades. I built my own computers and "pwned noobs" in Halo or Battlefield. After a business degree landed me a corporate job, I figured music was a pipe dream I'd never get back to.


But - in 2016, my family gifted me a little Digital Audio Workstation. So I started composing. All the years of being a nerd made learning digital producing pretty natural. Now, four years, an album, and two EP's later, I've quit my 9-5 and compose full-time while running a media company with my wife!

Transmitting from a tech-filled garage in the Pacific Northwest, 7-DAYZ is the sound I have waited my whole life to create.  Follow along with the blog, support 7-DAYZ music on Patreon, or just get the songs here - whatever you decide, I am happy to have you along. Journey with me into the frontier of following dreams and seeking the perfect melody. If you like dance-able, uplifting, nerdy, epic music (with a splash of 80's inspiration) I made this all for you. Welcome home.

- 7-DAYZ

Sword in the Stars - GOLD
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