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Shiny! Re-finished Speakers and a Spaceship

But we'll start with the spaceship. Because they should always take priority (sci-fi movie/tv show producers take note!). Anyway, I have been doing some Inktober projects for fun, and this was the latest project as I'm working on improving my perspective drawing skills. Since it fits the 7-DAYZ brand of upbeat music, cool sci-fi stuff, and space, I thought I'd post it.

I actually didn't meant to draw a Star Trek type starship when I began, but then those TNG style nacelles are just so cool that I couldn't help myself. I am envisioning this thing is somewhere between a runabout and the Defiant. It'd be fast and armed to the teeth because those are the best kind of ships after all :D.

Alright, now about the speakers. They're done! If you saw my previous blog post, I was reworking an old set of 1980's era Celestion Ditton 332 monitor speakers.

After getting them stained it was time to coat them with 3 layers of Polycrylic to ensure the stain stuck. There was a scary moment 2 layers in on one of the sides when I though I might have to sand it all down and start over, but thankfully the final coat evened things out. The speakers turned out about as well as I could have hoped - what do you think? Better than their old 1980's wood tone? Even if not, it had to be done, the 7-DAYZ workstation couldn't have random wood tones as accents.

Then it was time to redo the speaker grills. And they had really horrid brown plastic fabric covered speaker grills. You know, these ones:

Brown speaker grills (yech)

*Shudder*. Yep, they were U-G-L-Y, ugly! First step in fixing this and making them match the now shiny black redone speaker boxes was to remove the brown fabric from the frame. This involved ripping out a lot of staples, cleaning the old glue and then scrub the surface so I could glue the new fabric to the backs of the grille frame.

Once the staples were out, I wrapped them in new black speaker fabric, glued it down, re-stapled the backs, and stuck them back on the speakers. This part of the project went much quicker than staining, which is always exciting when things pick up close to the finish line!

Here's the final result:

Technically nothing changed about how they sound; I didn't change any of the components or upgrade anything. But I swear when I listened to them in their new black livery they had even better bass and transparency than before!

Alright, that's it for this week - next week is wrapping up work on the as yet untitled Christmas EP and I'll share what my full 7-DAYZ workstation looks like now with both sets of my speakers redone.

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