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My new album, Eclipse!

Releasing on 7-7-2020 - check out my new album. All composed, mixed, mastered by 7-DAYZ! Since I'm a one man band I did the album art too - pretty stoked about how it turned out. Based it off of the picture we took of the eclipsed back in 2017. Samples of the songs and all the media store links are here on Distrokid. The album took 2 years to make, and many songs didn't make the cut this time around. Don't worry though, God willing, they'll be on a new album next year! For this album I focused on the piano-forward tracks, brought in lots of spacey, 80's-feeling synths, and saved the vocal/lyrical tracks for future projects. I also went for a broader range of styles, tempos, and emotions. So while it's all still meant to "bring joy to the ear and elevate the soul," some lean more bittersweet, some more aggressive. Let me know which ones you love most. I've been surprised at which tracks resonate the most with people so far, and I'm curious to hear from you all about your favorites!


If you like my music, and want to support it (which would be awesome!!!), there's a couple things to know. First, purchasing off of my website is the best way to support 7-DAYZ music. No middlemen that way, and I am able to give you a higher quality sound file for your listening enjoyment than what you get on iTunes, Amazon or Spotify. Second, I've launched a Patreon site, and the support I get there lets me spend more time making music, which means you get more songs, sooner! You can check that out over on my Patreon page and sign up for more goodies. I do exclusive artwork for Patreon supporters, and we've got some community goals, an exclusive Patrons only blog with more music, behind the scenes looks and works in progress, and more stuff coming!

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