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The First Techno Christmas - Just released!

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Tired of the same old Christmas songs? Need something to keep you going strong while wrapping all those gifts late into the night? Then check out the newest 7-DAYZ release - The First Techno Christmas! Available now in early release on the 7-DAYZ store - get it here! (Click the album button on the music player to be taken to our secure payment processor and receive your digital downloads).

Oh yeah, and its only $3, so buy one for a friend and spread some Christmas cheer! Or save it for a stocking stuffer or extra Christmas gift for the music lover or dancer in your life.

The First Techno Christmas Album Art

When you buy the album direct on you get exclusive extras, and every purchase helps us fund the next project (and helps us keep the lights on for future releases). Currently we're hard at work on the full 7-DAYZ album, due in 2019. So grab a big mug of hot cocoa or some eggnog and blast The First Techno Christmas while you sleuth out those Cyber Monday deals! Warning: toe tapping may ensue.

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