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September Update - The Best Plane Ever, and Other Exciting Things

SR-71 Blackbird

Ok so she's not a spaceship. And while I'm a huge sci fi nerd, I was also a jet junky growing up. At one point I'm pretty sure I had every active service American plane memorized. One plane was always my favorite though - the SR-71 Blackbird. Fastest, highest, never shot down and man is it a good looking aircraft! And so, this jet is the subject of this month's art piece for the blog. This plane required a lot of daring and trying new things to achieve what it did - and that's what I'm busy with for 7-DAYZ, too. Lots of new things coming down the pipe. First off, there's the new album. That is coming in 2019.

Then, I'm also busy setting up a Patreon for 7-DAYZ as a way for people and fans to get more involved and also see a little bit more about how the music gets made. Hopefully, the Patreon support will also make it possible to spend more regular time producing music, since I won't have to take time away to do other work to pay the bills. It'll also help offset the production cost for all the gear and software needed to make the 7-DAYZ sound.

Also, if all goes well, there will be a new seasonal EP before the end of November. And, last but not least, today I will start redoing my second set of studio monitors. This is to get them to match the rest of the home studio - currently these have awesome 80's brown speaker grills, and orangey wood finish. I'll be changing them out to be black on black like the Infinity set I re-did.

Stay tuned for speaker pictures and more news on the new productions soon!

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