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Quick comparison - upgrading your virtual instruments can make a BIG difference

Hi all - a quick post today of a remix and redo of one of the very first tunes I put down. I'm excited to show you how having a better sound library can improve the sound. I first recorded Experimen-trumpet to learn multi track recording, and get started on mixing. It isn't my favorite piece and is still pretty rough, but makes a good song to show off the sound samples. This was last fall some time when I last touched this one. Now I've been studying up more on my DAW, Studio One, and have remastered the track with the inclusion of the new virtual instruments I got a month back. So, take a listen and see what you think!

First, the old mix:

And the new one:

Some of the changes include adding some equalizer and reverb to "glue" the sound together a bit more, adding a grand piano instead of an upright for those bass piano notes, and of course the new cello and trumpet sounds. I think the trumpets are the biggest improvement! Let me know which one you prefer and think sounds better in the comments (hopefully it's the new one if I've learned anything :D). Thanks for following along, and I will see you next time for more audio adventures!

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