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Boldly going into 2018

Happy New Year! There - obligatory message delivered. Now - onto important things. What's going to be in this year? Well that is up to me and you. I hope you have big dreams. SCARY big. And that you smash through them and surprise yourself and those around you in this next year. Will it be easy? Nope. Will it work? Don't know.

Will the amazing happen if we don't boldly go into 2018? I doubt it - actually, scratch that, I guarantee it won't.

Oh - so you want to know what my big scary dreams are? A few - for starters, you're reading one. Blog. Consistently. But that isn't scary you say (and if you're paying attention that wasn't really a dream either - just a goal). So... what's the big scary dream? How about this - get proficient enough at both marketing and producing 7-DAYZ that it can support our family - by itself. That the music we're working on can put dinner on the table and live up to the faith I see when our kids dance to it and say "Dad, your music is the best. EVER." Or the belief I see in my wife when she says she's all in and she wants me to work on this till we're destitute or we make it. So you know - not much riding on this. Just the fate of our family, life, the universe - and everything!

The new year is a good time for reflection as well as looking forward. And last year we took some big leaps of faith toward making this dream a reality.

  • I quit my full time salary slaving to focus on our media company and have more family time.

  • We invested significant portions of our savings into building out a home work station/studio to produce 7-DAYZ.

  • I learned how to use a Digital Audio Workstation and taught myself enough mixing and mastering to self-produce Begin, the first 7-DAYZ EP.

Nothing worth doing was ever easy. So take a big swing in 2018. Quit things that don't bring you closer to your dream. Invest in the people, tools, resources that can take you closer. And learn everyday, from the successes and the failures - but also seek out and learn the things that can further your dream. Maybe you miss or don't achieve your dream this next year. Maybe I do too - but we'll be a lot further along than if we played it safe and stayed inside. Time to shoot for the moon! May God bless our efforts and give you a 2018 you won't be able to believe by the time you hit 2019!

And.... Begin!

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